You’re on the blog of Matt Algren. That’s ALL-grin. I’m a late-30s white gay man living in southwest Ohio. Someday I’ll find a decent photo of myself to put on this page so you know I’m not a robot, though now that I think about it, you could still think I’m a robot that posted a picture of some guy…

Asterisk has gone through several iterations, from a mostly religious focus, to a political news aggregator, to commentary with a heaping helping of sarcasm. Along the way, the blog’s been quoted by the dailywh.at, Joe.My.God, Pam’s House Blend, TowleRoad, Dan Savage, HRC, Truth Wins Out, Think Progress, GoodAsYou, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, The New Civil Rights Movement, and more. Not that I’m bragging…

Okay fine, I’m bragging. Deal, y’all.

I began Asterisk not quite a year after I came out in 2007. The name has to do with that little mark we all place next to our identities when we’re in the closet, the one that represents the fear of being found out.

In my personal experience, erasing the asterisk had as much to do with friends who would have been relieved if I weren’t so out as it did my own feelings about my identity. Some of them would have loved to put the asterisk back up there, but that ain’t happening. If there’s one thing I found out these past four years, it’s that there’s no going back.

So that’s who I am. Get to know me better on social networks listed over there in the sidebar and subscribe to my RSS for regular updates as they happen. Above all else, thanks for stopping by!