Hey, Whatever Happened To That Blog That Used To Be Here?

It’s been a little over two months since I posted anything. That sucks, and I apologize. There are several reasons that I haven’t been writing, but for the sake of privacy (I do post under my real name at myrealname.com, after all), I’ll mostly have to leave it at that.

The one reason I feel comfortable talking about publicly is that I’ve simply run out of interesting ways to say “bigotry is wrong” and “civil rights for all is better for everyone.” I’ve grown weary of writing about kids who killed themselves because of the downright evil bigotry of the Maggie Gallaghers and Peter LaBarberas of the world, and equally tired of waxing breathless about the possibility that a politician might embrace our nation’s core belief.

I could get around that frustration by turning the blog into yet another link-bait filled content farm or a half-newsey, half-porny blog, but we have more than enough of both of those in the gay blogosphere. I could take on a persona to spice things up, but the best ones are taken and others have done it better than I ever could, anyway.

So instead, I’m putting up the Out To Lunch sign.

I do hope to get back to regular substantive writing here, though I have no timetable for when that might happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later, because I really did enjoy it.

Adios till then.


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