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WATCH: Extreme Makeover Features Family Of 11-Year-Old Suicide Victim Carl Walker-Hoover

On April 6, 2009, eleven-year-old Carl Walker-Hoover completed suicide as a direct result of peer abuse (stop calling it bullying). Since then, Carl’s Mom has been on a mission, joining with GLSEN to bring about change in laws regarding peer abuse. Just three months after her son’s death, Ms. Walker went to Congress and challenged our elected officials to protect children.

So far, they haven’t listened.

Carl, Sirdeaner, and Gloria in happier times
Carl, Sirdeaner, and Gloria in happier times

More than most people could possibly imagine, the last two and a half years have been difficult for the Walker family, so I was glad that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featured Sirdeaner and Carl’s siblings on the show last Friday, sharing his story and perhaps giving them a tiny bit of karmic (or is it mokshic?) payback for the nightmare they’ve been through.

You’ll be surprised by the lasting effect of Carl’s death. The family has abandoned the third floor of the home where they found Carl, choosing instead to sleep on cots in the living room. Carl’s room is exactly as he left it, his backpack still tossed half-open on the steps the way 11-year-old boys do.

I was so glad to see GLSEN, The Trevor Project, the It Gets Better Project, and of course the Carl Walker-Hoover Foundation spotlighted. These important organizations are vital resources for kids like Carl.

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Death Threat To Columbus, Ohio Gay Couple: ‘MOVE OR DIE, FAG’

Columbus, Ohio couple David Koch (no relation) and Chris [surname withheld] awoke Friday morning to find a death threat spray painted on the front of their home of fifteen years. They suspect that a heated debate at a Thursday night condo association meeting may be related.

Local CBS affiliate 10TV reported on the story Friday evening.

NBC4i has more details.

The couple called police who also called the FBI to investigate.

The couple did have a security camera installed at their front door which was activated by a motion detector. However the culprits managed to spray paint over it.

The incident comes just three weeks after Koch had heart surgery. Koch says he has received overwhelming support from his neighbors and friends all day Friday.

Police are checking security cameras in the area for clues of the vandal’s identity. Hopefully they catch the culprit soon so David and Chris can rest easy.


VIDEO: New Left Media’s New AIDS/LifeCycle Short Documentary

aids-lifecycle-new-left-mediaAs National AIDS Day 2011 comes to a close, New Left Media has released this short documentary of the 10th Annual AIDS/LifeCycle, a seven-day ride down the California coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Some stellar work from NLM, best known for their Tea Party interviews in 2009 and 2010. The candle lighting at the end is about the holiest experience I’ve seen in quite a long time, and this film communicates it very well.

For more information on the AIDS/LifeCycle, including how to donate or sign up for the 2012 ride, please see the group’s official website.

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