Three Days Before Autumn: In Memory Of Jamey Rodemeyer

Jamey Rodemeyer 1997 - 2011
Jamey Rodemeyer
1997 - 2011
I haven’t said anything about the death of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer yet. I’m working on a post, but it’s not quite ready yet, and to be candid, I haven’t been in the best of mental states to be talking about this sort of thing lately.

But before we get too far away from Jamey’s death, I want to share this song with you. It’s from Christian singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson and was written after the untimely death of influential (and possibly gay) Christian folksinger Rich Mullins 14 years ago.

Mullins died on September 19 back in 1997, the same day Jamey died this year. This lament is poignant and emotional on its own, but that connection makes it even more poignant. When I heard of Jamey’s passing, my mind immediately went to the line “And I swear I heard thunder at the sound of his name.”

It’s a rough live cut and the audio could be better, but turn up your speakers and listen.

I’m sorry, Jamey. I’m sorry it hurt too much. I’m sorry they couldn’t understand. I’m sorry you couldn’t find another way through it.

I’m just so sorry.

[box]Note: Three Days Before Autumn is currently available only on Peterson’s live album Appendix A. That’s probably not the best place to start out with his music; if you’re inclined to hear more, consider getting one of his studio albums. His 2003 album Love And Thunder is a particular favorite of mine.[/box]