Anti-Gay Leader Accidentally Stumbles Upon The Point

Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You posted this video yesterday from the American Family Association's radio show Nothing But Truth, and for once, the show lived up to its name.

“Sooner or later it’s going to be like the Nazis, you know, gays and non-gays are going to have to wear badges, that way, you know, you make sure you know right off the bat that if you’re talking to a gay person you address them as such”

I agree with Jeremy that the caller’s statement is pretty darn alarming, history being what it is, but I loved guest host and American Family Radio General Manager Buster Wilson's little dig at the end, too.

He’s talking about California’s new The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful (FAIR) education law that requires schools to recognize the contribution of LGBTs in history, people like Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bayard Rustin, and James Dean.

It also tells our young people in California schools that if these gay people did such great things, then maybe if you’re gay as well, you’ll do great things in life! Hm? You think?

Oddly enough, Buster, yes I do think! That’s exactly the point of FAIR. From Equality California's press release after Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill last week:

Studies have shown that inclusion of LGBT people in instructional materials is linked to greater student safety and lower rates of bullying. In schools where the contributions of the LGBT community are included in educational instruction, bullying declined by over half and LGBT students were more likely to feel they have an opportunity to make positive contributions at school.

“Today marks a monumental victory for the LGBT civil rights movement as the contributions of diverse LGBT community will no longer be erased from history,” said Equality California Executive Director Roland Palencia. “Thanks to the FAIR Education Act, California students, particularly LGBT youth, will find new hope and inspiration and experience a more welcoming learning environment that will embrace them.”

Yes, I know, his meaning is backward, as if straight kids would somehow use the fact of LGBTs in history as a reason to “become” gay. And of course this is nonsense and not at all how the world really works.

Thanks to his phrasing, though, I’d like to think that maybe some of his listeners had an A-HA moment while listening to this certified hate group's radio show. That would be fantastic.