Loose Lips Linda Harvey: ‘If we want to defund The Left we need to take the teeth out of the unions.’

Linda Harvey of Mission: America
Linda Harvey of Mission: America

In yesterday’s post about aspiring hate group leader Linda Harvey‘s idea that it’s bad business to hire gay people, I mentioned that I’d be bringing you another interesting quote from Linda Harvey’s little radio show, based in Columbus, Ohio.

This clip comes from her July 2nd radio show, just like yesterday’s. I am downright fascinated by how much she gets carried away with herself and says more than most political advisers would say is prudent. (Listen closely for her self-indulgent stifled giggle.)

[wpaudio url=”http://blog.mattalgren.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/linda-harvey-union-buster-7-2-11.mp3″ text=”Linda Harvey says too much.”]

Here in Ohio, we have, as many of our voters know, we have passed and our governor signed SB5, which is a bill that will… is a belt-tightening bill in the state, and it puts limits on public employee unions and their power to continue to drive up not wages, that’s off the table, but richer and richer benefits.

But it also gives people an option whether to belong to the union or not. And this has been a big thing with me with the Ohio Education Association, the National Education Association…the teachers’ unions in particular, because they’re funding the Left Wing Agenda in just about every single way that you can imagine.

If we want to defund The Left we need to take the teeth out of the unions.

Wait a second. I thought union-busting bills like Ohio’s SB5 were about supposed choice and mythical monetary savings.

Is Linda Harvey, on behalf of Republicans everywhere, actually admitting that it’s just about taking health care benefits away from state workers and, even worse, a political power grab?