WATCH: Chicago Bull Joakim Noah Pulls a Kobe

Apparently Chicago Power Forward/Center Joakim Noah learned absolutely nothing from Kobe Bryant’s anti-gay outburst last month.

Transcribing for those who can’t read lips: Apparently responding to someone in the stands, Joakim Noah shouts “Fuck you, faggot!”

Joakim Noah has clearly decided to reject the message of the new GLSEN/NBA/Ad Council partnership against homophobic language, including this PSA released less than two weeks ago.

Joakim Noah’s use of the slur comes just a week after Phoenix Suns President Rick Wells came out and six days after Charles Barkley became incensed that anyone would dare suggest that homophobia is rampant in professional sports.

My question at this point is whether NBA Commissioner Bill Sterns will fine Noah as he did Bryant or increase the punishment to make it clear that NBA players and staff had best get on board for the systemic change that he seems to be indicating is his goal.

One thing’s for sure: This faggot will be watching with interest to see what happens next.