Bryan Fischer & Bradlee Dean: WOW, That’s A Lot Of Evil!

Story One: Outrage in Minnesota’s House of Representatives, as You Can Run But You Cannot Hide's Bradlee Dean gives a rambling, anti-Obama opening prayer in the House. Dean is well-known for his view that gay men are pedophiles and should be imprisoned for life or castrated and hanged as punishment for being gay, and was for some reason invited by Republican leaders to give the opening prayer the very day the Minnesota House was set to debate and vote on an anti-gay marriage amendment.

That would have been fine, of course, but for the fact that Dean used his time at the podium to declare that President Obama isn’t a Christian, which is apparently worse than saying you should kill gay people.

Story Two: The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer is being a hateful dick again, this time saying that gays are Nazis.

I’d list a bunch of other insane and beyond-offensive things Bryan Fischer has said and done over the last few years on behalf of this hate group, but Jeremy of Good As You has done a fabulous job with his own detailed list.

Can you imagine what would happen if you got Bradlee Dean and Bryan Fischer together? Well, imagine no more, because it happened in February when Dean hosted Fischer for an extended segment of his Sons of Liberty (yes, really) radio show. I bet you can’t guess how this will turn out!

[box type=”note”]edit 10/08/11: The video that was embedded above seems to have been deleted. Weird, since it was from Bradlee Dean’s group. No matter — the interview is still out there through other outlets. Re-embedded below.[/box]

I must admit, it surprised me how taken aback people were of Fischer’s Nazi comparison last week. I mean, this clip is just four months old, and it’s clearly not the first time Fischer made that argument. I suppose this is just the first time people have been paying attention.

Also, Fischer’s Nazi nonsense is taken just about verbatim from Scott Lively’s “Gays are behind the Holocaust” campaign that has wreaked such havoc in Uganda. If I were Lively, I’d sue for plagiarism, even if Fischer did cite him.

Finally, getting back to Bradlee Dean, I’m going to have to agree with the always awesome Dave Holmes on this one.

How’s about we don’t put microphones in front of pastors in track suits? Just as a general rule.