Debating Scripture on Gays: Don’t Waste Your Time

Pastor and author Candace Chellew-Hodge has a fantastic post over at Huffington Post about the pointlessness of arguing with those christians who oppose us about whether being gay is okay. Rev. Chellew-Hodge has much more to say, so go over and read it when you’re done here. I’m only focusing on the first of Rev. Chellew-Hodge’s four reasons, though her third rule is directly applicable as well.

There are several reasons that gays and lesbians should never argue scripture. First, it’s pointless and nobody wins. Those who are anti-gay have their authorities and scriptural interpretations and so do pro-gay people. No one wins a “they said, they said” argument because no one will believe the scholars from either side no matter what argument anyone makes.

Case in point: The following exchange took place on the facebook in November 2010, not too long after this person found out I was Teh Ghey. I’ll call her “Diane,” and just say that she is a somewhat-distant relative of mine in her early 20s. Diane is a member of a fairly conservative sect of Christianity. (I’m protecting her identity because of Rule Number One.)

Keep in mind that the first message below is the beginning of this exchange, though it reads as a response.


You know, I had this conversation more than a few times before I swore them off, and it’s always –ALWAYS– the same. Without being mean-spirited, it’s almost as if they have a script to read from. If I had spent hours giving her doctrinal dissertations, linguistic analyses, and Biblical commentaries, Diane still would have come back with a condescending nod to a verse that, assuming she isn’t out there stoning homos as I type, she doesn’t even completely follow.

So as Rev. Chellew-Hodge said in her article, don’t argue scripture. You’ll thank yourself later.