Retired General Agrees with Scott Lively: Gays Cause Genocide

In January, we were shocked by video of Ex-Gay Industry Leader Scott Lively telling a Ugandan audience that gays were to blame for the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. You might remember that Lively has also published a book claiming that gays were behind the Jewish Holocaust. It was pretty outrageous, but at least he was alone in baselessly blaming a minority group for genocide.

Well, no more. Last Thursday, Mr. Lively got some company.

In sworn testimony on a potential Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal, Marine Corps General John J. Sheehan (ret.) told the US Congress that gays are to blame for 1995’s Srebrenica Genocide during the Bosnian War.

Rachel Maddow was on top of the story on her show that night.

Senator Carl Levin wasted no time challenging Gen. Sheehan’s lies, but the damage was already done. Dutch officials, including Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, immediately expressed stunned outrage at Gen. Sheehan’s claims.

Friday night, Maddow gave an update on the fallout.

Germany. Rwanda. Now Bosnia.

Gosh, I wonder where we’ll strike next.


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