John McCain’s “Dick Fingers” Are Back, Baby!

It’s been awhile since I saw John McCain‘s “Dick Fingers”, and I didn’t realize until I saw them again how much I’d missed them. To refresh your memory, here’s The Daily Show from October 28, 2008:

Mmm, gives me shivers. Just like the old days.

John “Called His Wife A Cunt” McCain was on Meet The Press yesterday, and he pulled out his “dick fingers” again, this time when talking about his hypocrisy on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell:

Of course, to explain his hypocrisy, McCain had to move his goal posts, changing the definition of “military leaders” to include the level below the actual leaders of the military. I don’t know, maybe he’s the granddaddy of message board trolls.

But just for the record, when Admiral Mullen said he was speaking “personally”, he was trying to make it clear that he didn’t hold the opinion that DADT should be repealed because somebody ordered him to. These were his views, not those of President Obama or Defense Secretary Robert Gates.


John McCain, you have yet again proven yourself to be a horrible, hypocritical, ego-maniacal, lying, bigoted scumbag. Acquaint yourself with the concepts of Patriotism and the most basic American ideals. You’re running out of time.

(P.S. Jed at DailyKos has the video proving that McCain also lied about the bailout yesterday in the video above. Because that’s what he does best!)