Rachel Maddow Dismantles Ex-Gay Industry Leader

Rachel Maddow has continued her reporting on Uganda’s Kill the Gays bill in the last several weeks. Thank goodness she’s on our side, because no one else outside LGBT circles seems to be talking about this attempt at legalized genocide.

Last week Maddow hosted a pair of segments on the ex-gay industry that was the centerpiece of an anti-gay conference in Uganda in March. The second video here was plastered all over the gay blogs last week (and rightly so), but in case you missed it I’m posting it now. Richard Cohen, ex-gay champion and author of Coming Out Straight appeared in an 18-minute segment in which he attempted to defend his dangerous gay cure claptrap.

But first, Salon.com’s Mark Benjamin stopped by to talk about his undercover work at an ex-gay industry retreat. His 2005 four-part series on the industry can be found at the following links: Part 1: Turning off gays | Part 2: My gay therapy session | Part 3: Getting straight with God | Part 4: True confessions.

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I should mention that Senator Grassley refused to comment on the Uganda Gay Genocide bill for several days after this segment aired before finally speaking (to Maddow’s audience only) against it late last Friday, during the weekend news dump for news that politicians don’t want in the headlines.

Rick Warren also finally denounced the bill, emphasizing that it prescribes lengthy jail sentences for straight people too.

Okay, now to the main event. Rachel Maddow vs. Richard Cohen.

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My thanks to Rachel Maddow for shining a light on the ex-gay industry’s snake oil salesmen. I think she’s right, and I say this completely without hyperbole: Richard Cohen and others in the industry have blood on their hands. Whether it’s Ugandan gays caught in this bill’s genocide or the suicides of their victims, they bear some responsibility.