Welcome Out, Meredith Baxter!

(I still have trouble leaving the -Birney off her name. Child of the 80s and all that.)

Actress Meredith Baxter came out as a lesbian this morning in an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show. Okay, wait. No she didn’t. Matt Lauer was actually scooped by Out-Q‘s Frank DeCaro. Suck on that, TV boy!

I’ll get to the Today Show in a minute, but first we have to respect Frank for his get. Here are a couple clips from his interview with Meredith Baxter. (transcript here for the youtube challenged)

This morning Meredith did a TV interview with Matt Lauer.

I so admire Meredith (May I call you Meredith?) for making this very public step while she’s clearly still finding her sea legs. Being out to family and friends is one thing, but this is a whole other level.

And kudos to the Los Angeles LGBT community for respecting actors’ privacy until they’re ready for their close ups. Even though Meredith was ultimately pushed out by print tabloids and Perez Hilton (both of them can piss right off), it’s good that people in the public eye can have some level of privacy.

Meredith Baxter in a 2005 photo (Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage.com)
Meredith Baxter in a 2005 photo

Finally, one more clip from Frank’s show as Meredith gives some advice to closeted people thinking of making the plunge.

(By the way, Frank was right. I still remember the morning of October 12, 2007; I woke up completely refreshed with a smile on my face for the very first time in my life.)