Dr. Ruth Jacobs: Once and Returning Foe Testifies in Washington, DC

Earlier today, I posted about a Purdue Professor’s contention that the gay homos are too expensive because of gross butt sex and HIV/AIDS. While I was looking for details on that one, Alvin at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters posted video of the yesterday’s hearings in Washington, DC on the city’s proposed marriage equality law. It’s another fantastic example of the strategy of using HIV/AIDS as an excuse for homophobia.

Testifying is Dr. Ruth Jacobs, who gets some schooling from Councilmember David Catania. (Pay attention to Dr. Jacobs’ vocal emphasis at the 00:58 mark.)

A few points:

  • Holy gosh, she’s a terrible reader.
  • I almost admire the intellectual gymnastics Dr. Jacobs applies here: Anal sex is too dangerous but she doesn’t want it discussed in sex education classes, but she doesn’t want kids to have to leave sex ed because they’ll be discriminated against or something, so none of the other students can learn about safer anal sex because anal sex is too dangerous. I’m going to have to flow chart that one.
  • Almost as important as the pretzel logic of Dr. Jacobs is the stellar performance by Councilmember Catania in the last few minutes of the video. Honestly, his logic is not hard to follow; why don’t straight allies speak with the same passion when confronted by the Ruth Jacobses of the world?
  • I can’t believe she actually said “Who will protect the children?!?”
 Helen Lovejoy has competition all of a sudden
Helen Lovejoy has competition all of a sudden

But wait! That’s not all!

I did a quick search for Dr. Jacobs and you’ll never guess what I found. She isn’t just some random concerned citizen, she’s been our opponent for years! Dr. Ruth Jacobs is President of Citizens for a Responsible Government (CRG) possibly best known for opposing transgender discrimination protection in Montgomery County, Maryland (That URL is downright CLASSY!). According to the 2008 Maryland Court of Appeals judgment against the Board of Elections, Dr. Jacobs and CRG submitted fraudulent signatures calling for a referendum against the law.

Before that, the group (then known as Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum) opposed the sex ed curriculum of Montgomery County, Maryland schools because it didn’t explicitly condemn homosexuality.

So basically, Dr. Jacobs has been recycling the same nonsensical testimony for upwards of five years between fraudulent petitions. She fits right in with her compatriots, doesn’t she? All she needs now is a radio show!