Don’t Be A Dick.

I recently had a post linked to by about a thousand people, which is awesome. It’s important that the information get out there, and I’m glad it is. Seriously. That’s awesome.

On the other hand, comments have asploded on that post. While I love seeing readers get involved in the discussion, it’s gotten way off topic and pretty out of bounds a few times. Therefore, I finally find it time to remind people of the comment rules. You can read them here. I’ve also taken this occasion to add a new rule number one, originally from Raphael Bob-Waksberg, aka Boring Old Raphael. Do me a favor and click on over to read his stuff. He’s hella funny, but he’s also 100% right in his post from July 29, 2009.

Rule Number One is Don’t Be A Dick.

Basically, what this means is, yeah, okay, technically you have a point, but, come on, man. Don’t be a dick.

Don’t Be A Dick is Rule Number One, and it supersedes all other rules. This is because other rules have loopholes, but Don’t Be A Dick has no loopholes.

Don’t say something mean just because it makes you look clever. Don’t not lend a hand just because you don’t have to. Don’t get so distracted by chasing your own happiness that you forget about everyone else. Stop allowing yourself to hurt others just because they are Not You.

Don’t always assume that other people are going to cheat you and take advantage of you, because if they’re also following Rule Number One, they won’t.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, even when you know — you know — they don’t deserve it. Don’t hold grudges. Forgive and forgive and forgive.

Call your grandparents. Remember people’s birthdays. Say God Bless You when people sneeze. You should always be struggling to be the best person you know.

Yes, hypothetically there might be some problems that just not being a dick won’t solve. People can have honest disagreements, things can break down, even when everyone really truly has the best of intentions. It’s possible that at some point, we’ll need a Rule Number Two.

But maybe let’s master Rule Number One first, and then we can talk.

So that’s my new Rule Number One. I expect it to be followed in comments.

P.S. The sudden and awesome influx of readers has also caused some periodic instability. I’m working on a solution, so hang tight with me. If you want regular updates, why not subscribe to my RSS feed? It’s easy and free and saves you some headaches.


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  1. I was the one arguing with you on the “kill a fag” post, not trying to be a dick though — but as far as the “hospital” story (which is how I found my way here, too), I gotta agree just about completely. A better case for gay marriage may not exist.

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