Media Matters Confirms: Kevin Jennings Student “Brewster” Was 16

Media Matters has the scoop of the day, obtaining the driver license of the man they say is confirmed to be “Brewster”, the student that Kevin Jennings taught in 1987-1988.

Media Matters for America has exclusively obtained the Massachusetts drivers’ license of the student confirming that at the time of the incident, he was at least sixteen years of age — the legal age of consent in Massachusetts.

Brewster's Driver License, heavily redacted to protect his identity
Brewster's Current Driver License, heavily redacted to protect his identity

This should put to rest claims made by Fox News and other conservatives that Jennings covered up “statutory rape” or “molestation.” To continue reporting such reckless speculation is at best willful disregard for the facts and at worst journalistic malpractice.

I’d be interested to know how they confirmed the license holder’s identity, of course. Past that, I see no reason for anyone to continue making these false allegations against Sec. Jennings.

Note that I don’t expect that to happen, of course. I’m not that naïve.

(Alvin over at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters already has proof of that. He asked Peter LaBarbera for a retraction and got the following response by email last night. “You are so pathetic Alvin. Hanging on a technicality. You are as corrupt as the perverted movement you serve. Spare me the preaching.” So much for wanting the truth.)