Playboy Magazine Turns You Gay

I wasn’t quite sure how I could top Bryan Fischer’s “interesting” take on the First Amendment from last weekend’s Values Voter Summit. Thanks to Rachel Maddow, we have a double dip: shades of racism followed by overt homophobia, with a dash of Bill O’Reilly (about whom I won’t be commenting).

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The video of Michael Schwartz’s entire speech is below.

By the way, the word he’s searching for at 3:22 is “hate”. Kudos to him for realizing that someone might be taping his speech. It’s interesting that Mr. Schwartz wanted to talk about hatred of homosexuality by preteen boys.

We’ve learned quite a bit about that this year. Too much, really. I would suggest that Mr. Schwartz focus on teaching those boys not to hate rather than telling them that porno will turn them into One Of Them.

Here’s some background on the speakers.

Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO):

  • Acting Majority Leader in the House of Representatives in 2008
  • Majority Whip from January 2003 – January 2007
  • Minority Whip from January 2007 – January 2009
  • Announced in February 2009 his candidacy for the 2010 Senatorial election
  • Revealed as a Birther in July 2009.

At you’ll find that his donor list is heavy with oil/electric and financial services companies. Rep. Blunt, by the way, sits on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

michael-schwartzMichael Schwartz:

  • Chief of Staff for Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) since November 2004
  • Looks to be making about $132,000 this year in that capacity
  • Vice President for “Government Relations” for Religious Right lobbyist firm Concerned Women for America from 2000 – 2004
  • Before that, was then-House Rep. Coburn’s Administrative Director

I list Rep. Blunt’s and Mr. Schwartz’s accomplishments to illustrate again what I said yesterday. These aren’t random people on the internet saying something stupid. These are men in powerful leadership positions who effect policy.

We don’t have the luxury of just ignoring them.

* * *

Transcription of Michael Schwartz speech, via ThinkProgress:

You know, if you don’t have love in your life, it’s not a very complete life. And yet, we don’t want to talk about it. And we especially fail to talk about it to our sons and to our friends. They’re the ones who need to hear it the most because they’re still making up their minds about what do I want to be when the time comes. And believe me, the temptations are out there. One of the temptations that your sons are going to run into is pornography.

Pornography is a blight. It is a disaster. It is, it is one of those silent diseases in our society that we haven’t been able to overcome very well. Now, I may be getting politically incorrect here. But one — It’s been a few years, not that many, since I was closely associated with pre-adolescent boys, boys who are like 10 to 12 years of age. But it is my observation that boys at that age have less tolerance for homosexuality than just about any other class of people.

They… [long pause]… speak badly about homosexuality. And that’s because they don’t want to be that way. They don’t want to fall into it. And that’s a good instinct. After all, homosexuality, we know, studies have been done by the National Institute of Health to try to prove that its genetic and all those studies have proved its not genetic. Homosexuality is inflicted on people.

I had a very good friend who was in the homosexual lifestyle for a long time and then he had a religious conversion in the eighties. And he bought a old motel and turned it into a hospice for some of his former associates who were dying of AIDS. He helped, he helped almost 300 men die. This man was a real hero.

But he knew that he wasn’t as healed as he thought he was. He was able to resist temptation. He was able to resist sin. But he wasn’t healed enough to take on the responsibilities of marriage. And he was a brilliant man in the sense that he knew himself. And he knew his limits. And he and I had good conversations about, about the malady that he suffered.

And one of the things that he said to me, that I think is an astonishingly insightful remark. He said, “all pornography is homosexual pornography because all pornography turns your sexual drive inwards. Now think about that. And if you, if you tell an 11-year-old boy about that, do you think he’s going to want to go out and get a copy of Playboy? I’m pretty sure he’ll lose interest. That’s the last thing he wants.” You know, that’s a, that’s a good comment. It’s a good point and it’s a good thing to teach young people.

[Someone asks about Schwartz’s friend]

His name is Jim Johnson. He’s a friend of mine. He ran an organization called Beyond Rejection Ministries. And I consider him one of the most heroic men I’ve ever met. But all pornography is homosexual pornography because all pornography turns your sexual drive inwards. And that in fact is what it does.

I know couples now who are struggling with the husband’s addiction to pornography. It’s a terrible thing. And that’s what happens. And, you know, if it doesn’t turn you homosexual, it at least renders you less capable of loving your wife. And it’s something you need to be healed of.


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