It’s Time to Pucker Up for Equality!

The term “grassroots activism” annoys me. It’s become so misused these days; I can’t remember the last lobbying group that didn’t claim to be grassroots. Well-financed political machinery is commonly disguised as grassroots, most recently the lobbyist-coordinated angry mobs© at health care meetings.

So it’s with great pleasure that I’ve watched an actual grassroots campaign take form. Following three recent anti-gay incidents in San Antonio, El Paso, and another in Salt Lake City, that saw LGBT people arrested or discriminated against because they dared to kiss in public, bloggers David Badash of The New Civil Rights Movement and David Mailloux of DYM-SUM decided to arrange a nationwide Kiss In campaign. I’ll let you go over to David M.’s kick-off post to find out more on the inspiration. Here’s one of their promotional videos.

What started in mid-July as a hopeful call to action has spread quickly in an actual grassroots effort. The Great Nationwide Kiss-In will be held THIS SATURDAY in over 40 cities across the country. Their website, which directs you to a facebook page created for the event, lists the times and locations for each of them, with more to come.

This isn’t just for LGBT people, by the way. Straight folks, bring your smoochers out and join us!