A Drop of Golden Sun

It’s been three days since I posted anything. I swear I had planned on having something ready today but my stupid boss expects me to be doing work (How rude!). Rather than leave you in the lurch, here’s my favorite video on the internet.

I was practically raised on Sound of Music. Way back before the internet, DVD, and even VCRs, we watched it every time it was on TV (It was many years before I found out they’d chopped out big chunks to get it under two hours.), so it’s the bee’s knees just for the song, but staging this massive performance in the middle of a busy rail station is just fantastic. Apparently it was done as an ad for the Dutch reality show In Search of Maria.

Whatever the reason, it’s pure digital joy. I get a huge grin on my face just watching the expressions in the crowd as another person breaks into dance. (Why doesn’t that ever happen to me?)

I’ll be back with real content tomorrow! Cross my heart!