How Not to Show the President You Mean Business

Very nice words from President Obama this afternoon at the White House reception. Very nice words. There’s just one problem: Words alone don’t get the job done.

And so on.

I could go on about the president’s speech, but instead I’d like to talk for a little bit about the crowd in the White House today. They were mind-blowingly non-critical. I think the technical term is “star-fucker”. Over and over they literally whooped and hollered like they were at a basketball game.

The president gave a light applause speech at best. But because they got invited to the Big House, these supposed LGBT activists were more than supportive, they were in President Obama’s hip pocket before he even got started, and no matter what he said. He could have introduced new pink triangles and they would have thanked him for the breathable cotton.

I was embarrassed by the display. Embarrassed. After five minutes or so I crossed over into being flat out ashamed of them. This is not what the LGBT community counts on these people for. Real people’s lives are affected by President Obama’s empty rhetoric and non-timeline for change. To judge by the audience’s reaction, you’d think everything was sunshine and roses for the community. You’d never guess that people are getting deported, fired, abused by police, and having their rights stripped away.

My only hope, our only hope is that President Obama and his administration look past today’s crowd in the White House and see the discontent in the community at large. Otherwise, next time he hears we’re upset about something he’ll just roll his eyes, tell the chef to order some lamb chops, and go back to ignoring us.

(One other thing: That audience was painfully white and male. Come on, The Gays. We’re more diverse than that.)