Miss California Continues Her Martyr Tour

I said a few weeks ago that I was okay with Miss California saying that she thought opposite marriage should be allowed but not same marriage. She was asked her opinion and she gave it. That should have been the end of it.

But because of Perez Hilton (don’t get me started) and the Religious Right, we’re still talking about her. She’s still talking about her too, this time in a two day interview with Focus on the Family and James Dobson. (To put that in perspective, during last year’s presidential campaign Dobson only gave Sarah Palin one day.)

I haven’t heard the interview, so I can’t comment on it. I do know that one quote from the show caught the attention of Keith Olbermann, who talked about it last night. Also mentioned were the risqué pictures she took a couple years ago and her over reaching reaction to their publication.

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Seriously, Miss California. God and the Devil were really spending time in your head during Who’s Prettiest 2009? Did God and the Devil have anything to say about your breast implants or the cross so gently nestled between them at the news conference? How about the photos in which you weren’t dressed quite as modestly as you were yesterday?

And what does your grandfather have to do with any of this? And like Olbermann says, what in the world does this have to do with free speech?

Keep talking, Miss California. You’re no Anita Bryant, but the Religious Right is always happy to find a new pretty face for their cause. I just hope you don’t regret your choices when the limelight fades.