Fired Lt. Dan Choi on Anderson Cooper 360

Knights Out spokesman and soon to be fired Lt. Dan Choi was on Anderson Cooper 360 last night to talk about the need to repeals Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Interesting segment. I have to say, I don’t like it when someone presents the big reason to repeal DADT as “we really need his/her skills”. That’s all sorts of not cool. As much as I appreciate people pointing out the silliness inherent in firing people who have skills you really do need, I also think that’s a secondary issue. Lesbians and gay men should be permitted to serve in the military because the stated reasons for their exclusion are prejudicial and/or disproven nonsense.

I love the defense that we need DADT because some soldiers won’t want to bunk in the same room as a gay serviceman. Our troops are much more professional than that. What a slap in the face to them.

Something to consider for the future: Once DADT is repealed, we’ll need to complete the circle by getting the dishonorable discharges based solely on DADT reclassified and full benefits of the discharged servicemembers restored.