Fight The Real Enemy

It’s been almost a week since we lost the right to foster or adopt children in Arkansas and the right to marry in Florida, Arizona, and California. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know about the Arkansas issue until a few days before the election, and I wasn’t at all surprised that we lost Florida and Arizona.

California, though. Man, that hurts. To have 52% of the voters in one of the most liberal states in the Union tell me that my relationships are less worthy of respect and legal status, even after every single major newspaper and most of the minor ones came out against it… It’s just not something I’d even envisioned.

All over the blogs, I’ve been watching people fight over why we lost. I’ve seen racism, I’ve seen threats of violence (though only in the first few reactionary hours, and quickly taken care of), anger at leadership, anger at celebrities, anger at fund raisers, anger at gays who want to get married, anger at gays who don’t want to get married, anger at religion. Just anger. If there’s one thing we gain from this, it’s evidence that at heart gays and lesbians lash out blindly just like the straights.

And in all the confusion, Focus on the Family and the Mormon Church (talk about strange bedfellows) stand aside and laugh at all the great ad copy they’re getting from us. The real enemy, the Echthroi, isn’t each other, it’s them.

You want to know why we lost? We lost because our opponents told outright, bald-faced lies in their offensive (and at least in Florida, probably illegal) campaigns. We lost because the local and national press were too busy covering the presidential election and didn’t have the time journalistic balls to point out that our opponents were unabashedly trying to frighten people into voting for the bans.

We lost because somehow the video ads that were almost humorous to us still had power over people who wanted a reason to keep us in our place. Even after the election, the debate continued with reasonably intelligent people regurgitating talking points that were soundly disproved weeks ago.

That’s what lost the campaign, and it hurts. It really, really hurts. Maybe the protests will do some good, but at this point I’m a bit pessimistic. There are already several lawsuits in California, and hopefully they’ll get somewhere with those. One thing we know; any minority group that has ever had their human rights recognized in this country has gotten it from the judiciary first.

I plan on hitting each of the four measures individually in the next couple weeks (hopefully days), the obscene involvement of the Christian and Mormon Churches in the campaigns, and some of the lies used to defeat equality, if only for awhile. Oh, and the election of President-Elect Obama. I’ll post about that too. I just had to get this off my chest today.