More Lies from the AFA; Nobody Even Surprised Anymore

I got an article from One News Now (the fake news service from the American Family Association) in my inbox last Saturday. I’m never happy to see that; they’re just so transparent in their bigotry over there it’s not even amusing anymore. So I clicked over to the article that the AFA reprinted from Life Site News (their fake news service compadres from Canada) and found that surprise, surprise, they’re lying again.

So few words, so many lies.
So few words, so many lies.

My blood got all boiled up and I started writing this post in my head, but before I got to it, Alvin McEwen, author of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, did a much better job than I could ever hope to. Rather than duplicating efforts, I’m going to be lazy and link to his detailed analysis. Here’s a brief sample:

Warning sign 3: One News Now cites the work of discredited researcher Paul Cameron:

These findings strongly support the results of similar studies conducted in the United States, which have unveiled the severe physical and psychological health risks associated with homosexual behavior. Drs. Paul and Kirk Cameron of the Family Research Institute revealed in 2007 that research shows that the lifespan of a homosexual is on average 24 years shorter than that of a heterosexual. As a health threat, even smoking pales in comparison, as studies show smoking can shorten one’s life by only 1 to 7 years on average.

No, sorry. One News Now is telling a boldfaced lie. The study in question was actually conducted in the early 1990s. In addition, the study is indicative of why Cameron has been discredited, censured, and mocked by so many legitimate physicians, researchers, and other folks (this blogger included).

To read more of McEwen’s spot-on analysis of One News Now‘s par-for-the-course distortions, lies, and other non-Christian nonsense, head over to his blog.

Update! Professor Michael King, the author of the study that One News Now and Life Site News lied about, has weighed in at the Box Turtle Bulletin. (emphasis mine)

LifeSite News and OneNewsNow have misinterpreted our review. Evidence from around the world identifies the main stressors leading to mental distress in gay and lesbian people as discrimination, prejudice, bullying in schools and colleges, and the consequent need for many LGB people to keep their homosexual identity secret, even from their families.

Our review did not examine links between mental disorder and homosexual “behaviour” or “lifestyle”. Our work reviewed studies of the mental health of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and sadly, those studies showed that it is people (not behaviour) that are discriminated against, and not least by religious groups and organisations.

Discrimination on the grounds of sexuality is even more devastating than other forms of discrimination such as racism, as it reaches right into families and leaves no refuge for its victims.

We suggest in our review that the availability of alcohol and drugs at gay social venues may be a factor in the greater risk of drug and alcohol misuse in LGB people. Reducing this problem is something for which LGB people must take greater responsibility. However, the fact that discrimination still exists in our societies means that many are forced to use such venues to meet each other rather than through more common ways available to heterosexuals, such as at work, during the pursuit of hobbies and past-times, or at church.

There is now abundant evidence that homosexuality is not itself a mental disorder and that it is compatible with a healthy lifestyle. We shall only begin to see a reduction in mental distress and deliberate self harm in LGB people when all sectors of society welcome them as equal and valuable citizens.

There’s more over at the Box Turtle Bulletin. Click here to read on. My thanks to Dr. King for weighing in on this gross misrepresentation of his work.